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Imagine that you can offer to yourself something which has got the opportunity to improve your life. Swasthya Yoga Method has a set of techniques that re-educates the respiratory system, enlarging your lungs’ capacity. It enables you to improve concentration and intuition, generating more intellectual income and a better performance in work, studies and sports. It teaches how to relax, removes tension and reduces your stress levels gaining the ability to control it. The practise provides greater flexibility, gives awareness of the muscle groups and longer endurance in the most demanding positions. It gives excellent muscle strength, benefiting the spinal column, as well as nervous, endocrine, respiratory and circulatory systems, provided by biological exercises. The method increases bodily consciousness, well-being, life quality, energy and motivation. These combined lead to an ever better quality of life. Start to practice and discover why thousands of people in many countries have adopted Yoga for their lives.
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Beyond meditation there is the experience of now. (Ryan Parenti)

Beyond meditation there is the experience of now. (Ryan Parenti)